There really is such a thing as climate change. Scientific evidence suggests that the earth is hotter than it used to be and that the temperature will continue to rise if we don't act now to stop it. Living Earth Community is at the forefront of informing the public about this subject.

Our goal is to establish a stewardship footprint that promotes environmental awareness to combat climate change. We create environmental awareness through global outreach and social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 


Additionally, our climate change group customizes efforts for different generations, because where you are in life dictates how you act. Our goal isn't to just inform, but to create a series of steps that people can take to make the change. We want you to feel comfortable coming to us for information because you know we will convey the truth. If we don't have the information you need, we'll help you find it and provide links to it.


Everything we do is focused on building the Living Earth Community and creating awareness for everyone's footprint. For example, we help you understand why a $2.25 plastic bottle of water will cost over $125.00 by the time it's picked up and recycled. Additionally, stay tuned for a video series on bees that chronicles the research being done on them and how we need to provide sanctuaries for bees.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.