Leaf with Earth Drop

You need to learn all about Living Earth to understand our mission. Our president and a partner laid the foundation for our operation based on the idea of an earth surface map. The government served as a tremendous resource by providing access to archives of large amounts of data in very old formats.

The partners next asked to look at satellite imagery. By creating a 50% value to that imagery, they could copyright the imagery, which they were able to do. They began mapping the imagery, animating it, and ended up mapping 11 different databases. Their diverse imagery included cloud coverage, political boundaries, ocean photography, vegetation index guide, and much more. The compilation became widely known as the Living Earth Package.

Their work now allows you a bird's-eye view of the earth's surface. Electronic Arts has put this imagery in their games, Microsoft has used it for years in their software, Delta for their flight maps, and others.

The partners' vivid images also showed the effects of climate, which is what led us to where we are today. We are climate change believers that want to tackle this issue head-on. Part of the future for Living Earth as a company is to create awareness about climate change. Our mission is to show people how simple little fixes can help them use less energy and live more sustainably.